Please allow me to introduce ourselves…

We have been in Multimedia Design for over 20 years. Working on staff for commercial agencies and serving a wide variety of entertainment and media fields. Our abilities and Creative Direction experience are far ranging, from video promos for CocaCola, Web Banners for the Chicago Blackhawks website, HTML5 animated banners for Discover Card (NHL Division), to Art Direction for NBC, ABC & CBS. We have all the necessary skills to see any given project from concept, development and design to final product.
Inside the Mind of a Creative Company.
In addition to having a thorough understanding of principles of art, layout and copy, creative companies require in-depth knowledge of a variety of design software, which they may have learned through formal education, job training or in their experience working as part of the creative or art department at an advertising firm.

Our Creative Duties.
Creative Directors and design teams interact with other agency departments to maintain communication and client satisfaction. We attend planning meetings and make presentations to agency staff and clients to decide the strategic and creative direction of an advertising campaign. We use creative expertise to interpret a client’s vision and make it a tangible and deliverable product. Account executives, with our team, plan and implement budgets and market strategy to ensure both quality and efficiency, establishing schedules on short- and long-term projects.

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